2016 Accomplishments

Peace Is Possible: Plans for 2017

As we enter 2017, we know that working for peace is more important now than ever. We are facing many challenges, with perpetual wars, 65 million refugees of war and violence, the growing climate crisis, economic inequality and continuing social and racial injustice.

We seek to help people see that Peace is Possible. In 2017, we will:

2016 Accomplishments

Throughout the year, Veterans For Peace takes action to oppose endless war and militarism. Across the world, members are working to build a culture of peace and present peaceful alternatives to endless war. Here are some of our accomplishments this past year:

March-- 5th Annual veteran-led delegation to Vietnam to stand in solidarity with victims of Agent Orange.

April--VFP helps organize hundreds to stand against the U.S drone program during the2nd annual national mobilization to Creech AFB. VFP organizes “Inside Drone Warfare” panel, featuring former drone operators, their lawyers, and victims.

VFP calls on the U.S. government to Stop U.S. Intervention in Syria.

VFP launchesVeterans Challenge Islamophobia campaign with special event in Boston, MA. 642 veterans have signed the statement.

May--During the2nd Annual Lobby Days,dozens of legislative visits are made in DC and around the country to members of Congress.

More than 50 chapters around the country participate in Memorial Day parades and sponsor alternative memorials highlighting the cost of war in human lives. The Swords to Plowshares Belltower is displayed in Washington D.C, near Lincoln Memorial and is visited by thousands of people.

As part of the Full Disclosure of Vietnam campaign, VFP members deliver letters to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

June–The Golden Rule Boat participates in Fleet Week, the annual parade of Navy war ships in Portland, OR to speak out against military propaganda and war glorification.

July -- Veteran-led delegation to Jeju Island, South Korea to stand with the people against ongoing U.S base expansion in their communities.

August--31st Annual convention held in Berkeley CA with a theme of “Peace Abroad, Peace At Home: A Just and Sustainable Future For Our Children.”

September--Veteran-led delegation to Okinawa to stand with the people of Okinawa in their resistance against U.S military base expansion.

Veterans across the country celebrate International Peace Day to help build a culture of peace in our communities.

October--National mobilization for the first annual SOAW border convergence, to stand against the militarization of the U.S-Mexico border and U.S Imperialism in Central and South America.

VFP members stand in solidarity with the native-led resistance at Standing Rock.

November--VFP members across the country participate in Armistice Day celebrations and bring the message of peace to Veterans Day parades.

Throughout the year, members of Veterans For Peace take action to build peace and oppose war.

Thank you for standing with us against militarism, violence, and endless war!

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