Order of Protection


"It is a clear case of the military is using orders of protection to cut off our 1st amendment rights. If let stand, this could be an end to all protest in the country, they can use this technique to keep anyone away from anywhere with the threat of a 7 year sentence. We must stop this." said Elliott Adams one of the people slapped with the order of protection.

The Hancock Field Air National Guard Base (often called just Hancock), near Syracuse, NY, has been converted from flying F16 fighter jets to being home to MQ9 "Reaper" drones. The local Upstate Coalition to Ground Drones and End Wars has been trying stop the killing of innocent people (see link), even children, and war crimes by drones. Instead of ending the war crimes the government has been trying to muzzle those petitioning to end the killing and prosecut war crimes.

So far there have been 6 arrests in which from 38 to 2 people were arrested, each of these times the Coalition was trying to deliver an indictment (see link) to the base commander charging everyone from the President down to the drone operators with war crime and crimes against humanity (see link, I don't have a link to drone crimes yet).

In response to a request from the base on 25 Oct an order of protection of protection was made part of the bail for 17 defendant. This order of protection has many implications (see link) including making it illegal for the defendants to be near the base with a potential penalty of 7 years.

Earlier, 22 April 2011, the approach was a preemptive arrest. People were corralled and arrested while marching silently, single file along the road right of way and still a quarter mile from the base gate. This was so egregious that the Prosecutor eventually asked that the charges be "dismissed in the interest of justice." But by then the denial of 1st amendment rights of free speech, freedom of assembly, and right to petition the government for redress of grievance, had been done. Law suits against the police have been initiated.