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Executive Director Position Available

(Description Available in PDF)

Veterans For Peace (VFP) seeks an Executive Director (ED) to lead the organization in a new period of growth and achievement, building from a strong base of existing organizational assets. Ideal candidate has solid fundraising and nonprofit management skills and a passion for the mission of Veterans For Peace. The VFP national office is in Saint Louis. Willingness to live in St. Louis, at least initially, is strongly preferred. Past military experience required.

To apply, please send e-mail cover letter, resume and three or more references to vfpemployment@veteransforpeace.org. The application deadline has closed, however, this post will be kept up until the position is filled.

The position of Executive Director, like all such employment, is in the general management category and requires leadership, initiative, and judgment far beyond the specific items that can be listed in this brief description. Since the job is ever changing it must also be subject to the assignment of additional tasks as needed, beyond the brief outline below.

1. Managing Staff:

  1. Hire and assign workers to accomplish the tasks required by the Board.
  2. Supervise workers to assure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  3. Set pay ranges appropriate to the skill levels required.
  4. Notify the Board if staffing level seems inadequate to the workload.
  5. Promptly notify the Board of any major personnel actions.

2. Managing the Budget:

  1. Propose detailed annual budget for the coming year.
  2. Monitor income and expenditures. Adjust expense levels within the flexibility allowed by the Board and the requirements of accomplishing the mission.
  3. Alert the president and treasurer to unfavorable financial trends.

3. Board Support:

  1. Oversee communication system among Board members and between Board and staff.
  2. In conjunction with the president, organize Board meeting logistics.
  3. Distribute significant documents to Board members both in preparation for meetings and between meetings as needed.
  4. Respond to Board member requests in a timely fashion.
  5. Program Implementation – Provide procedural detail for programs that the Board wishes to explore or implement.
  6. Recommend both short and long-term organizational plans and goals.

4. Chapter Support

  1. Maintain chapter membership and leadership database and assign new members to appropriate chapters.
  2. Periodically publish chapter membership lists.
  3. Notify chapters of Board decisions and other relevant organizational and programmatic news.
  4. Respond to chapter communications in a timely fashion.

5. Member Support:

  1. Maintain a database of readily retrievable information on each member.
  2. Respond to member inquiries in timely fashion.

Internal Communications:

  1. Oversee the publishing of a quarterly hardcopy newsletter to all members.
  2. Generate brief monthly electronic newsletter to all members.
  3. Receive and distribute brief electronic special reports to all members on VFP initiatives (e.g. counter recruitment, Camp Casey, Arlington West, Katrina, CSN&Y tour, SOA participation, peace marches, etc.)

7. Public Relations:

  1. Supervise staff in establishing relationships with major media outlets.
  2. Oversee press statements to media.
  3. Provide necessary dedicated facilities for list serve, fax, phone, blog, web site, and hard copy.
  4. Recommend appropriate members as spokespeople for press initiatives.
  5. Represent the VFP as necessary with the media and at public meetings and represents the Board as directed.

8. Fundraising:

  1. Internal – Recommend strategies for optimum dues collection and maximizing additional donations from members.
  2. External – Supervise grant writer in selecting promising foundations to solicit, and aid in structuring joint activities with sister organizations to create stronger applications.
  3. Others

9. Program Review and Development:

  1. Evaluate the operation and performance of existing programs.
  2. Identify new programmatic opportunities.

10. Other duties as assigned

COMPENSATION: Starting salary of $50,000 to $60,000, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Medical insurance including dental and generous vacation and sick leave.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and three or more references, electronically to: vfpemployment@veteransforpeace.org.

The application deadline has closed, however, this post will be kept up until the position is filled.

Veterans For Peace is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Veterans For Peace is a national, non-profit organization of military veterans and supporters. Founded in 1985, Veterans For Peace has members from all eras and services, with chapters in over 100 U.S. cities, as well as international chapters. Veterans For Peace has status as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the United Nations.

The overarching mission of Veterans For Peace is to expose the true costs of war and militarism, leading to the abolition of war. You can learn more about Veterans For Peace at www.veteransforpeace.org.