Online Business Meeting

VFP Business Meeting 2022

The VFP Business meeting was held on Saturday, August 27th at 12pm ET (11am CT).

The following format is in accordance with our bylaws, policies and procedures, and Robert's Rules of Order and duplicates the process we used the past two years which seemed to work well.

Business Meeting Agenda 

11:00 AM CT (12:00 PM ET)
Call to Order:

        Statement of Purpose
        Code of Conduct

        President’s Report:  Susan Schnall
        Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Tork
        Executive Director’s Report:  Garett Reppenhagen

        Committee Reports:

    • Nominating Committee:  Enya Anderson
    • By-Laws Committee:  Jeff Paterson
    • Advisory Board Committee:  Paul Cox
    • Communications Committee:  Jeff Paterson
    • Finance and Fundraising: Mike Tork
    • Membership Committee:  Nick Mottern
    • Resolutions Committee: Joshua Shurley
    • Strategic Planning:  Louis Raprager
    • Transformative Justice:  Jeremiah Knowles
    • Executive Committee:  Susan Schnall


For more information on 2022 voting, please visit our 2022 Ballot Information page.