Bylaw 2022-09: Allow All Members to Vote For All Board of Director Candidates

Election Results: Passed 

Approve: 423 (86.15%)

Disapprove: 68 (13.85%)

Abstain: 60


Bylaw amendment objective: Would allow all members–including Associate (non-veteran) Members–to vote for all Board of Director candidates. Currently, only full members are eligible to vote on candidates. Qualifications for candidates would remain unchanged.

Section 2.

Election of directors. (a) In October, or six (06) weeks after the Annual Convention, the Secretary shall send by mail or electronically to all full members…

(f) All members in good standing may vote on all candidates.


Submitted by: VFP Bylaws Committee, without endorsement, on behalf of individual members who have expressed support for this change.

Board and Committee:

Committee Recommendation: Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation: Supported by the Board of Directors by 11-2 vote.

Convention Floor Vote:

Yes: 33

No: 9

Abstain: 3