Bylaw 2022-07: Require Supermajority for Any Membership Restriction

Election Results: Passed 

Approve: 385 (86.91%)

Disapprove: 58 (13.09%)

Abstain: 108


Bylaw amendment objective: To alleviate any possible concerns that the directors would invoke membership restrictions, such as expulsion, by a simple majority vote.

Section 5. Restrict or expel from membership

(The Board of Directors has the authority to deny or expel from membership a person when, in its judgment, admission or continued membership would be inconsistent with the purposes, principles, objectives, or goals and ideals of VFP. A motion to restrict, deny, or expel, from membership shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of all members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall inform the membership at the Annual Convention of its reasons for taking any action under this section. Any action under this section may be appealed to the membership at the Annual Convention.

Submitted by: VFP Bylaws Committee

Board and Committee:

Committee Recommendation: Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation: Supported by the Board of Directors by unanimous vote

Convention Floor Vote:

Yes: 22

No: 10

Abstain: 11