Bylaw 2022-06: Fully Allow Electronic Meetings

Election Results: Passed 

Approve: 480 (95.62%)

Disapprove: 22 (4.38%)

Abstain: 49


Bylaw amendment objective: Articulate that electronic meetings, such as Zoom and other audio/visual conferencing tools, are fully allowed and meet our legal requirements and obligations as a non-profit corporation.


Section 6. Meetings.

The Board of Directors shall hold a regularly scheduled meeting at least annually on a date to be determined by the Board. The President or any two (2) Directors may call special meetings of the Board of directors. Electronic meetings are a permissible and full equivalent alternative to in-person meetings.


Submitted by: VFP Bylaws Committee

Board and Committee:

Committee Recommendation: Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation: Supported by the Board of Directors by unanimous vote

Convention Floor Vote:

Yes: 39

No: 3

Abstain: 0