Bylaw 2022-01: Create an Associate Member Board of Directors Position

Election Results: Passed 

Approve: 394 (85.65%)

Disapprove: 66 (14.35%)

Abstain: 91

Bylaw amendment objective: To set aside one position on the Board of Directors for an associate member, to be voted on by all members.


Section 2. Number and Qualifications.

The Board of Directors will consist of at least thirteen (13) Directors. (Amended) The Board of Directors may change the size of the Board of Directors, subject to approval at the next Annual Convention. Directors must be Full Members of VFP at the time of nomination and through their term of office with the exception of one (1) Director who shall be an Associate Member and shall have full voting power. The Associate Member Director position shall be voted on by all members in good standing.  


Section 1. Office and Terms.

The officers of the Corporation shall be a President, a Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who must be members of and shall be elected by the Board of Directors. The President and Vice President shall be Full Members.


Section 2.

Election of directors. (a) In October, or six (06) weeks after the Annual Convention, the Secretary shall send by mail or electronically to all full members…


Submitted by: VFP Bylaws Committee and the VFP Board of Directors Executive Committee

Board and Committee:

Committee Recommendation: Approved 
Board of Directors Recommendation: Supported by the Board of Directors by unanimous vote


Convention Floor Vote:

Yes: 40

No: 2

Abstain: 0