Resolution 2022-01: U.S. Hands Off Taiwan and the South China Sea

Whereas, Taiwan and the South China Sea represent a key area where U.S. policy is likely to lead to nuclear war, whether by design or mistake, and

Whereas, the de facto government of Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China but is not officially recognized by the United Nations, the United States, Canada, Australia, NATO, nor over 90% of UN members. It exists solely because of the early military support by the U.S. before and after 1949, continuing to the present in various forms. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan in 2020 alone amounted to $5 billion, and

Whereas, in the Shanghai Communiqué of 1972, President Nixon and Chairman Mao agreed that there is only one China and Taiwan is a part of China, and

Whereas, the time when the U.S. Navy patrolled the Yangtze River is over. The Eurocentric idea that Asian nations require the United States to defend them has no place in the Twenty First Century, and

Whereas, the People's Republic of China does not now, nor has it ever, threatened the territorial security or people's well-being of the U.S., NATO, or any other country allied to the United States,

Therefore, Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges the government of the United States to withdraw all military and naval forces from the Straits of Taiwan and the South China Sea,
re-examine U.S. arms sales to the ROC in Taiwan, and remember that the resolution of the status of Taiwan is the internal affair of the Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Straits into which the United States has no right to intervene.

NOTE: This resolution does not endorse any political party within the PRC nor any internal policy of the PRC, nor does it favor China over any other Asian nation. Our resolution simply grows out of a central part of our mission: to restrain our government from intervening overtly or covertly in the internal affairs of other nation.


Submitted by Eugene E. Ruyle, VFP Chapter 162 – East Bay

Co-Sponsored by:
VFP Chapter 21 – North New Jersey
VFP Chapter 35 – Spokane
VFP Chapter 69 – San Francisco
VFP China Working Group


Board Supports Resolution


Convention Floor Vote: 

Yes: 38

No: 5

Abstain: 2


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