2022 Ballot Info

Important Election Dates & Deadlines

Results will be available by December 17.

Proposed Resolutions
 2022-01 U.S. Hands Off Taiwan and the South China Sea  
 2022-02 Oppose a Trilateral Military Alliance between the U.S., Japan, and South Korea


 2022-03 CODE RED for Humanity - U.S. and NATO Emissions Reporting  
Proposed Bylaws

Create an Associate Member Board of Directors Position


Welcome Veterans With “Bad Paper” Discharges


Update Resolutions Process and Master Index


Simplify Nomination of Board of Directors


Allow Default Customs in Relationship to Robert's Rules 


Fully Allow Electronic Meetings


Require Supermajority for Any Membership Restriction 


Narrow Funding Limitations with Actionable Guidance


Allow All Members to Vote For All Board of Director Candidates


Allow All Members to Vote on Bylaw Amendments

For information on the 2022 Business Meeting, please click here

A recording of the Bylaws and Resolutions section of the Business Meeting can be found here. You can skip to the section by clicking the time stamp in the video description.

2022 Board Candidates 
Louis Raprager T.J. Thompson James M. Rine  Joshua Farris 
Stephanie (Steph) R. Atkinson Jim Driscoll Rev. James L. Swarts Brian Trautman
Michael L. Wong



View bios here!

Voting on Resolutions:

All Members, including both Veteran Members and Associate Members, shall be entitled to speak to resolutions presented before the Annual Convention. All Members, including both Veteran Members and Associate Members, shall be entitled to one vote on resolutions.


Voting on Bylaw Amendments and Board Candidates:

Only verified* Veteran Members may vote on bylaw amendments. The procedure for voting for both resolutions and bylaws changes will take place in the same manner and time as the elections for the Board of Directors. *Verified veteran member - A member who has submitted proof of service

Meet the Board Candidates Forum!

During the usual social hour time on September 27th we offered the opportunity to listen and meet the members who are running for the board. View the bios of our candidates here.

Watch the recording!


VFP is excited to have our optional electronic voting again in 2022. A large part of our election costs is the high cost of mailed ballots and low return rate - most ballots we pay to print and mail are never returned.

This year we plan on having a voter registration to receive a mailed ballot if you received a mailed ballot last year but did not vote. If you voted last year (either electronically or by mail) and you fail to vote online this year in the online voting time frame, you will automatically be signed up to receive a mailed ballot. 

You do not need to register if you plan on voting electronically as you will receive multiple emails with links and text messages if we have your cell phone in our system. Voting electronically is the preferred method, as it saves time, money, and paper, but paper ballots are not going away. 

If you plan on needing a mailed ballot this year please register here todayFill this form out ONLY if you did not vote last year, but need to have a ballot mailed.