ByLaw 2021-03: ARTICLE VI, SECTION 6


Section 6. Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of VFP with the Executive Director serving ex-officio. The Executive Committee shall confer on a regular monthly basis to review recent financial statements, day-to-day operational matters and to formulate upcoming board agendas. Decisions of the Executive Committee shall be by majority vote.

The Executive Committee shall give prompt notice to the Board of any emergency actions, position statements, and major decisions to allow for timely adjustments or proactive changes. All actions taken shall be reported to the full board at the next regular or special meeting and any Director has the authority to request a vote by the full Board of Directors.

Submitted By:
Paul Cox
VFP San Francisco
(510) 418-3436

Pros and Cons

Pro: There were no supporting statements on the floor of the annual member meeting.
Con: There were no opposing statements on the floor at the annual member meeting.

Board and Committee:

Committee Recommendation: APPROVED 
Board of Directors Recommendation: APPROVED 

Convention Floor Vote:

Approve: 87% (58/78)

Disapprove: 0%

Abstain: 13% (9/78)


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