Workshops are one of the most important activities during the Veterans For Peace annual conventions. Most of them are organized and led by Veteran For Peace members. We greatly appreciate the time and effort presenters put into creating their workshops.

The 2020 Convention Committee theme is Human Rights Over Nuclear Might.  We are asking folks to submit workshop applications focused on one or more of the following themes:
           -Nuclear abolition
           -Building an internal culture of peace
           -Militarism and the climate crisis
           -Organizing responses to the current health and economic crisis
           -Anti-militarization and current military conflicts
           -Subject matter related to VFP national projects or working groups

If we receive two or more proposals on the same or similar topics, we may ask you to combine your workshop with another presenter.  Proposals for workshops will not be accepted after May 30, 2020.

Please also consider the following requirements when submitting:
          -Stable and fast internet
          -Web camera and up to date microphone
          -Ability to navigate and learn webinar technology
          -Engaging content that will keep online viewers interested

This year since our Convention is online, our process and requirements will be slightly different and we will, most likely, be offering less workshops.  We know that this may be disappointing to some, but please know that if your workshop is not chosen for the convention, there is a possibility that we can offer the option of a webinar on VFP platforms in the future.

We will have a form to apply for assistance or a reduced rate for all presenters. If you have questions regarding registration fees, please contact Shelly at 314-725-6005 or email her at

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