Purchase Ads

Purchase Ads

We are appealing to VFP chapters, businesses, or allied organizations to contribute to the 2020 VFP convention by placing an ad to be shown on-screen throughout the VFP Online Convention as well as in the printed commemorative booklet sent to people who register at the commemorative rate. 

In past years, VFP Chapters have used these ads as an opportunity to publicize special projects, chapter publications, or to promote merchandise. Some have used an ad to share a powerful message on peace issues of particular interest to them with convention attendees.

Please follow these instructions to purchase your ad (please note the changes below from past years as we adapt to our Convention taking place online): 

1) Design your ad. Please save or export final artwork to PDF, JPG, PSD or PNG file format. (While MS-Word files are workable, they often need to be reworked on our end). Size all photos and graphics to 300 pixels per inch or higher at the size they will appear in print.

This year, feel free to submit your ad design in FULL COLOR! Just be aware we will translate color to grayscale for the printed commemorative booklet. 

If you would like us to design your ad, please email your ad content or mockup to convention_advertising@veteransforpeace.org, with image files attached separately. 

This year, we offer just two choices for ad size, horizontal orientation only. Both sizes will appear the same size on screen, with two-tiered pricing – $200 or $90 – determining frequency of screening during the online conference. In the printed commemorative booklet sent to people who register at the commemorative rate, your ad will appear as either full-page or third-page size. If your ad contains a lot of text, we highly recommend going with the full-page size.

Here are the dimensions to use when setting up your ad:

FULL PAGE ($200)
inches: 7.5"W x 4.5"H
pixels: 2250px W X 1350px H

inches: 4.25"W x 2.375"H
pixels: 1275px W x 713px H

2) Submit your ad to VFP. Email your camera-ready artwork, or ad components if you choose to have VFP do the design work, to: convention_advertising@veteransforpeace.org. ADS ARE DUE JULY 15, 2020.

3) Pay for your ad. You may pay online by clicking here or write a check to "Veterans for Peace" earmarked "2020 Convention Booklet Ad," indicating the ad size. Mail to: Attn: Shelly Rockett, Veterans For Peace, 1404 North Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102.