Convention FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the 2020 VFP National Convention?

Registration coming soon!



The convention will be at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Albuquerque

Lodging is not included in the price of the convention, but we do have discounted rooms available to us that you can access using this link. Coming soon!

Visit the Housing page for more information.

How much does the convention cost?

Registration is coming soon but below are the detailed costs.

Registration Costs
Full $240.00
Reduced Member & Workshop Presenter $140.00
One Day Attendance $65
Two Day Attendance $125
Three Day Attendance $190
Banquet $65
Thursday, August 6th Bus Ticket to Los Alamos $25
Sunday, August 9th Bus Ticket to Los Alamos $25

How much is hotel parking?

Information coming soon


Does the convention price include any food?

The "Full registration" & the "Reduced Rate" includes the Saturday Night Banquet. Coffee will be served throughout the day (Wed-Sat)


What is being served at the Banquet?

Information coming soon


Are Pets Allowed?

Information coming soon


Will the hotel have free internet?

Information coming soon


How do we propose resolutions?

Resolution submissions are due on TBD

To read all guidelines for submission, please visit the Resolution/Bylaw Tab


How do we propose bylaw amendments?

Bylaw submissions are due on TBD

To read all guidelines for submission, please visit the Resolution/Bylaw Tab


How do I sign up to read poetry?

Visit the poetry tab for specific details on submitting your poetry


What are the Workshops?

The workshop committee is currently accepting applications. Deadline is May 15,2020. To submit a workshop, visit our Workshop Tab.

One of the most important activities during the Veterans For Peace Annual Conventions are the workshops. Most of them are organized and led by Veteran For Peace members. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into creating your workshop.

Please remember that there is limited space for workshops and many applicants. As a result, not all workshops will be selected. Please email for questions.



May my chapter (or another organization I work with) have a table at the convention?

Tabling applications will be available soon but below are the list of costs.

Tabling Pricing
VFP Chapters $50
Non Profits $75
Vendors $200


How do I advertise in the Convention Program Book?

2020 Convention Committee is reviewing.


Who are the Speakers/Performers?

The 2020 Convention committee is currently reviewing but we are excited to announce that Dahr Jamail will be a keynote speaker! You can learn more about Dahr on our Speaker tab.



Information coming soon


Convention T-shirts

Convention Tshirts will be available through the VFP store.



The 2020 Convention Committee is currently reviewing but you can see the tentative schedule on our Program page. However, please keep in mind, the schedule is subject to change.



It is the intent of Veterans For Peace to be inclusive and to create an environment that does not discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. However, we live in a world that teaches us to act in biased ways and we must actively work to dismantle these oppressive systems as well as put forth effort to examine how each of us contributes to the oppression of others. For more information on requesting a caucus space, please visit the Caucus tab.


Post 9/11 Veterans Application

The application will be available soon



VFP will offer five awards this year. Four of the five awards are for individuals. VFP is also offering a Chapter of the Year award, which will be presented at the banquet.

The five award categories are:

  • The Gandhian Non-Violence Award
  • Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Service and Stewardship Award
  • Leadership in Peace Award
  • Chapter of the Year Award

To find out more information on each of the categories and how you can nominate someone for an award, visit our Awards Tab.

I have a Question that is not on this list. Who Do I contact?

General Convention Questions

Shelly (National Office)

Local Contact Daniel Craig