Convention FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we having an Online Convention?

VFP is concerned for the health and safety of all our members and ensuring that we are not wasting organizational resources incase of further lock-downs and distancing guidelines. To protect our members and make responsible financial decisions we will have an online convention this year regardless of shifts in distancing laws. We hope this encourages more participation from our international members and others who might be challenged to travel.


What are the dates of the Online Convention?

The dates will be August 2nd to August 9th. We decided to spread out the program over a full week since we know folks will want breaks from the computer.


Since it's the 75th Anniversary will we still be focusing on the abolishment of nuclear weapons?

Absolutely. The theme of this year's convention is "Human Rights over Nuclear Might". Since our founding, Veterans For Peace has had it in our goals "to end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons" and the week will mark the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the first nuclear explosion of all time at the Trinity Site, New Mexico, which occurred on July 16, 1945).


How much does the convention cost?

We understand that some folks have been impacted by COVID-19. For that reason, the convention registration is a sliding scale.

Registration Costs
Full with Commemorative Booklet and VFP Swag $125.00
Regular $100.00
Reduced $75


What if I still can't afford to attend?

We have a limited number of scholarships available. You can fill out the scholarship request form here.


Since it's online, what are the fees going?

We were able to greatly reduce the cost of convention this year since we are moving to a virtual convention. However, where some costs have gone way down or disappeared, some have gone up! For example, our technology budget is now the biggest cost!

We are doing everything we can to save costs, however, we will be purchasing new software and program technology in order to be able to offer a seamless convention! We will also need higher capability video needs so we expect there to be some costs associated there.


How can I register for the convention?

Registration links are coming soon. Please stay tuned!


What technology do I need?

We are still working out what conferencing and event software we will use. Our team is trying to select user-friendly formats that do not require you to download additional programs. Announcements will come out as decisions are made.

To access the convention, you will need an internet connection or a smartphone. To participate fully, you will need a camera and microphone; however, you can still watch and view the content, ask questions, and interact with the presenters without


How will the business meeting be conducted?

The business meeting will be open to VFP members only. Make sure to pay your VFP dues so you have access to the business meeting. For the business meeting, you will need to download the Zoom app on your desktop. You can watch a tutorial


I want to submit a workshop but I don't have the equipment to do my workshop?

Due to the nature of this year's convention, all workshop applicants will need to have certain criteria that you can find here. However, we also do not want people to feel like they can't participate because of access so we encourage folks to reach out. If it is not possible to show the workshop by the time of the Convention, then we might work with you to possibly show a webinar moving into the future.


I don't know how to use the program you all have chosen for the convention, can someone help me?

We have a support team in place and we plan to also host some tutorials leading up to the convention.


I want to buy an ad, where will ads be located for an online convention?

Convention Ads will be shown on-screen throughout the VFP Online Convention as well as in the printed commemorative booklet sent to people who register at the commemorative rate. We are also looking at other creative ways to show ads throughout the convention! Purchase ads here.


I was looking forward to going to Albuquerque, can we do a convention there in the future?

Yes! Everyone in New Mexico has been amazingly generous and allowed us to rebook everything for 2021, so we will not miss out on the opportunity to gather in New Mexico next year!