2019-A Sacred Land, Sacred Lives: End the Ongoing Bloodshed in Syria

Not Recommended By Resolutions Committee - Duplicates Resolution Stop All Foreign Intervention In Syria approved by the membership in 2015 as indicated below…



(Submitted by Faraz Azad - Chair, Iran Working Group - Veterans For Peace)


Whereas, the U.S. has initiated several unnecessary wars resulting in the futile loss of lives and permanent injuries to innumerable American troops and their families, and

Whereas, the crisis in Syria has entered its fifth year, causing the death and injury of possibly half a million Syrians, and


Whereas, the number of dislocated and refugee Syrians has reached close to a third of its population, and


Whereas, the U.S. and its allies are heavily and publicly involved in funding and supporting extremist and terrorist groups in Syria, and


Whereas, the U.S. Administration’s declared policy of regime change in Syria (“Assad must go”) is in violation of international law and has been facing one failure after another, and

Whereas, the active support of the United States and its allies for the armed opposition in Syria has resulted in increasing violence and bloodshed, and in strengthening the hands of extremists and terrorist groups, and


Whereas, only the sovereign people of Syria have the right to decide on the nature of their government and their political system, free of all forms of foreign intervention.


Therefore, we, Veterans For Peace, hereby resolve:



Approved at the 2015 VFP Convention, San Diego, CA


Proposed 2019 Resolution


Whereas, Representative Ilhan Omar said: “The people of Syria revolted against Assad’s repressive dictatorship, demanding a more just and free government. Peace loving people around the world stand in solidarity with them in this struggle!” (3/15/2019), and


Whereas, Representative Rashida Tlaib said: “[On] the anniversary of the uprising against the oppression in Syria…we must recognize the struggle of those who organized and stood up against injustice.” (3/16/2019), and


Whereas, Physicians for Human Rights has reported: “In this latest round of targeted violence centered on… Idlib, the Syrian government and its Russian allies have carried out no fewer than 20 attacks on health facilities. PHR has been able to document nine of those attacks so far – all of which were perpetrated by the government and its allies – and continues to research previous and emerging reports.” (www.phr.org), and


Whereas, our sisters in Code Pink have stated: “The U.S. coalition, the Assad government and Russia continue to devastate  the already war-torn country.  (Code Pink mailing July 22, 2016),


and Whereas, our brothers and sisters in IVAW/About Face, founded with the support of VFP, have stated: “As we oppose US intervention…we also acknowledge [that] Bashar Al-Assad has responded brutally to a popular, non-violent uprising for democracy and freedom... The US, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and Turkey have utilized Syria as a battleground for their proxy wars… Without an end to ALL foreign intervention, the Syrian people can’t truly be free. (IVAW blog, 4/12/2017).


Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace calls for an end to all foreign military intervention in Syria, including that of the United States, Russia, Iran and all other parties.


Submitted by Andrew Berman, VFP Chapter 27 952-926-0198, 612-300-6947 (cell)