2019-B Amend Presidential Eligibility Conduct and Good Moral character Vetting

Not Recommended By Resolutions Committee – In short, a poorly written resolution that was received in the last minutes of the resolution deadline date.


Supporting statements (the “Whereas”) in the 2nd and 5th paragraphs list supporting documents but no links to language or describing, in simple terms, what actual language is being referenced. The third paragraph has links to crimes, but when you select the links, it takes you to the start of an online document that to most people is impossible to follow.


Proposed Resolution                      


Whereas, the main role of the President is to execute our laws, protect and unify the Nation, the purpose and intent of this Resolution is to afford the citizens of the United States of America full assurance that presidential candidates demonstrate a history of ethical conduct and character consistent with the standards expected of their Commander-In-Chief and equal to citizens and immigrant applicants, and


Whereas, “Good Moral Character” published in: US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) Policy Manual, Updated June 06, 2019, Vol 12, Citizenship & Naturalization, Part F, Good Moral Character should be the standard by which we also evaluate minimum character and conduct expectations of our presidents, and


Whereas, President Trump has committed several crimes (INA 101(a)(43)(A)INA 101(a)(43)(D)INA 101(a)(43)(K)(i)–(iii)INA 101(a)(43)(M)(i), (ii)INA 101(a)(43)(R)INA 101(a)(43)(S)NA 101(a)(43)(U) as published in USCIS Policy Document (above) yet is not accountable to these standards, and


Whereas, This legislation intends to restore confidence in agreed standards of conduct and character expected of our nation’s Executive Leaders and becomes effective immediately upon enactment, and


Whereas Additional References: Presidential Eligibility, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of The US Constitution; Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, Final Regulation Issued by the US Office of Government Ethics Codified in 5 C.F.R. Part 2635 As amended at 76 FR 38547 (July 1, 2011); Joint Ethics Regulations, DOD 5500.7R, Feb 3, 1993; will assist in this Resolution on behalf of We The People.


Therefore Be It Resolved Presidential Eligibility must be amended to require Non-Partisan Conduct and Good Moral Character (CGMC) Vetting consistent with the USCIS Policy, at a minimum;  


Submitted by Reneé Marie, Chapter 87  rmarie1211@yahoo.com