Resolution 2019-5 Impeach President Trump For Illegal Wars & Torture

Resolution PASSED

Yes - 360
No - 197


Whereas, the U.S. invasions, bombings and occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other nations and torture, initiated by previous administrations continuing under President Trump, are illegal under U.S. Constitution, United Nations (UN) Charter, Hague and Geneva Conventions, UN Convention Against Torture and Nuremberg Tribunal Charter, and

Whereas, President Trump has committed criminal acts by continuing such illegal wars and torture without consent of Congress, and

Whereas, the U.S. military or surrogates continue to use depleted uranium munitions, cluster bombs and white phosphorous in densely populated areas violating U.S., international laws and treaties prohibiting the indiscriminate killing of civilians with Geneva Conventions specifically prohibiting weapons/materials causing harm by remaining active after battle, and

Whereas, babies born in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering abnormal medical issues caused by toxic/radioactive materials, and

Whereas, since 2001, millions of Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, Yemeni, Somali, Libyan, Syrian and other civilians have been killed, injured, maimed, poisoned, made homeless, economies ruined costing taxpayers trillions, and

Whereas, illegal torture of detainees and US citizens by our military, CIA and surrogates continues at Guantanamo and other facilities, and

Whereas, Americans and VFP supported impeachment of Bush/Cheney for similar war crimes now being committed by Trump and VFP is committed to abolish war as an instrument of national policy.

Therefore Be It Resolved VFP urges the U.S. House of Representatives commence impeachment proceedings against Pres. Trump for illegal wars and torture in violation of our Constitution, laws, UN Charter, international laws and treaties and for other impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors, and

Finally Be It Resolved VFP members are urged to provide this resolution to their U.S. House member and encourage them to vote for commencing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Submitted by Buzz Davis, VFP Chapter 13

Co-Sponsors: Kay Davis, Chapter 13; David Cooley, Chapter 27; Dan Higgins, Chapter. 9; Leedom Lefferts, Chapter 157; Paul Cox, Chapter 69; Andy Berman, Chapter 27; Wayne Beverly, VFP member; Reneé Marie, Chapter 87; John G. DuBoism, VFP member, Renton, WA; Carroll Nast, Chapter 122; Arla S. Ertz, Chapter 69; Bradley Geyer, Chapter 25; Rev. James L. Swarts, Chapter 23; Lowell T. Hoisington, Greensboro, NC; John Wilks III, Chapter 69; Roy C. Bath, Chapter 178; Daniel Kovalik, VFP Associate member; Jay Ferrari, VFP, member; S. Jenika, Chapter 72; Robert W Groff & Will Miller, Chapter 57.


Board Does Not Support Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

Ayes: 53

Nays: 24

Abstentions: 7