Resolution 2019-11: Stop Military Sexual Assault

Whereas, with two million women who are veterans or active duty with hundreds of thousands of these women sexually assaulted, and 

Whereas the Department Of Defense (DOD) study, Factors Associated with Women's Risk of Rape in the Military Environment, American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2003) found for women who served in Vietnam, post-Vietnam and Persian Gulf War eras that 30% experienced an attempted or completed rape during service, 37% who stated they were raped stated they were raped more than once, 14% who reported they were raped reported being gang raped and 75% of raped women decided not to report the attacks to authorities, and

Whereas the 2018 report states sexual violence remains pervasive, 81% of victims (2016) did not report the crime, retaliation is the norm, prosecution (FY2017) and conviction rates fell dramatically from prior years, there’s a high demand for Veterans Administration (VA) care (1,307,781 VA outpatient visits (2015)) for military sexual trauma (MST) care with 38% of female and 4% of male experiencing MST, and

Whereas it’s a moral crime to permit military recruitment in high schools with DOD’s dangerous record in preventing/prosecuting sexual assault.  

Therefore Be It Resolved Veterans For Peace urges Congress to transfer reporting, investigation and prosecution for sexual assault from the military to civilian police and overseas to special military justice units with full prosecution authority, staffing and shielding from retaliation;

Be It Further Resolved that Congress pass a moratorium on military recruitment/visits/programs in high schools until DOD provides verification that having a child in the military provides minimal risk of sexual assault;


Submitted by Buzz Davis, VFP Chapter 13



Board Supports Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

Approved unanimously by membership at business meeting.


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