Resolution 2018-7 Establishing A Citizens Peace Political Action Committee

Whereas, there are many candidates running for office that support the measures called for in the Veterans For Peace Statement Of Purpose, and

Whereas, there are other peace and justice groups that have an associated, independent political action committee (i.e. the Human Rights Campaign is associated with the Federal PAC that endorses and financially assists candidates);

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace establish, as an independent entity, a Citizens Peace Political Action Committee (501(c)4) for the purposes of electing individuals who will legislate in a manner consistent with the VFP statement of purpose.

Be It Further Resolved that funding for the PAC will not come from VFP.

Reese E. Forbes, Chapter 61

Note: Maker of the resolution is prepared to spend time, and personal funds, to establish a Citizens Peace PAC and also lives in the area of the national VFP headquarters.