Getting Around

 Directions to Intercontinental Riverfront Hotel
11 East Kellogg Blvd St Paul MN 55101

Public Transportation


Light Rail from MSP Terminals 1 and 2   approximately 60 min ride…. requires transfer


From Terminal 1 bag claim: Go down one level and follow signs to the tram. Take the tram to the Transit Center. Follow signs to the LRT station. Purchase tickets before taking escalator to platform.

From Terminal 2: From level1 near Ticketing, take the escalator/elevator up to the Orange Ramp skyway. Follow the signs to the LRT station Take the escalators / elevators down 1 level to the LRT station. Purchase tickets on platform.* SEE INFORMATION ON PAGE 2 ABOUT FREE SHUTTLE BETWEEN TERMINALS 1 AND 2 FOR THOSE WITH MOBILITY ISSUES OE SPECIAL NEEDS.

Fares: $2.50 rush hours, 6 -9am and 3-630pm, $2.00 non- rush hours, keep your ticket ready to show transit police if asked. Disabled veterans ride free by showing a Veteran’s ID card with “Service Connected” designation.

Take Blue Line train from airports

From Terminal 1 and 2, wait on platform  that says “ Northbound to Minneapolis”

Transfer to Green Line at USBank Stadium. Wait on platform that says ”Eastbound to  St Paul”

 Be Sure to get on Green Line train

Take Green Line train to Central Station

Exit train to the right

Turn left at end of the platform onto Cedar Street

Walk 2 blocks to Kellogg Blvd

Turn right on Kellogg Blvd

The destination will be on this block on your right


From Hotel to Airports: Buy ticket on platform

Reverse steps to Central Station from Hotel 

Wait for train on platform that says “ Westbound to Minneapolis”

Take train to US Bank Stadium

Transfer to Blue line train. Wait on platform that says “Southbound to Mall of America” This is a shared station. Be sure to get on a Blue Line Train.


Metro Transit Bus 


Bus #54 from MSP Terminal 1 to downtown ST Paul   approximately 30 minute ride… no transfer

 Follow signs from baggage claim to the Ground Transportation, follow signs to the Gold Ramp, city bus. Go up two levels to the waiting area. Bus stop is located across the pedestrian crossing from the building (look for bus shelter).

From Terminal 2 to Terminal 1:  Take LRT from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 (no fare required)*

 At Terminal 1 LRT Station, take escalators/elevators to tram. Take tram to Terminal1, follow sign to Gold Ramp, city bus. Take elevator/escalators up 2 levels to waiting area. Bus stop is located across pedestrian crossing (look for bus shelter).

Take the #54 bus (limited stop from airport) or 54M Both go to downtown St Paul.


Pick up a printed schedule on the bus or search for schedule on:

 Pay exact fare on bus.  $2.50 rush hour: 6-9am, 3-6:30pm, $2.00 nonrush hours 

 Disabled veterans ride free by showing a Veteran’s ID card with “Service Connected” designation

Get off bus on 5th street between Wabasha Street and Cedar Street

Start on 5th Street E  walk about 10 ft

Take a left on Wabasha St N     700 ft

Take a left on Kellogg Blvd E     200ft

The destination in on your left:  11 East Kellogg Blvd



Return to Terminal 1: Get bus on 6th Street, west of Wabasha street

Start on Kellogg Blvd

Turn Right on Wabasha Street N  200ft

Take a left on 6th Street W   02.miles

Arrive at 6th street W  60ft to bus stop


*Free shuttle between Terminals 1 & 2: For those with mobility issues or special needs. Operates every 20 minutes between 6Am and 10pm.  Wheel chair lift equipped. Pick up and drop off locations: Terminal 1: Ground Transportation Center, Terminal 2: ground level of Purple Ramp. Local Dispatch number 612 713 7488